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Desktop GIS

Desktop GIS (Geographic Informatiion System) is a System that Provides Geographic Information using Destop GIS Softwares:
# ArcGIS
# QGIS (Quantam GIS)
# MapWindow GIS
… And So On!


Web GIS is a Web Based System that Provides Geographic Information using a Particular Web Platform:
# GeoServer
# ArcGIS Online
# Leaflet.JS
# MapServer
# Google Map
# OpenStreetMap
… And So On!

Earning by Learning GIS

Not only for Job, Now a Days Learning GIS is creating Opportunities to achieve many Big Budget Freelancing Projects.
Self Earning Sectors:
# Fiverr
# Freelancer.com
# Upwork
….And So On!

Why Our Learners Love Us?!

Because, From Our each Course They are getting:

* 50 Lectures 📚
* International Certificate of UDEMY 📜
* Lifetime Access in the Course
* Cheap Course with in Detail Lectures
* Online Course, Learn From Anywhere at Anytime 
* Quiz Test 📒
* Final Project 🗺️
* Downloadable Resource Files for Practical Task
* Articles

About Teacher

Md. Shahriar Alam

Founder of Shahriar GIS School

* International Award-Winning GIS Trainer in 2021
* International GIS Teacher & Speaker
* First Asian Web GIS Instructor at Udemy.
* Total Students: 18,000+
* Total Countries: 181
* Web GIS Experience: From 2008.
* Web GIS Projects: 100+
* Business Partner of SuperMap, China
* Web GIS Consultant


Here’s What Our Learners say:

Edward S. Coloma

Director of Sales, USA

“Great Web GIS Instructor, Shahriar Sir has converted my Web GIS knowledge from Zero to Advanced. Now I can Create Sales KPI in my Web Map easily after complete his course.”

Huma Shahzada

GIS Consultant, Pakistan

“I am very pleased for taking this course and I have learned in a good environment and useful information with professional class environment with best Instructor Shahriar sir who has superb commands on subject and he teach in easy way and provides all useful materials. I have enjoyed GIS.”

Christian McLellan

MS Geoscience (GIST), USA

“The courses were filled with knowledge and it makes it easy to keep up with the newest GIS trends. The instructor Shahriar Sir did a great job keeping to a schedule and checked on my status.”

Sheragha Aminzai

Urban Planner, Afghanistan

“Shahriar Sir is a Grand Teacher of Web GIS. I really have enjoyed his each and every class lectures explained difficult topics easily understand. In other hand when I get stuck in any practical task. He was still there until I have solved my problem. Thanks a lot Shahriar Sir. Waiting for your next Course.”

Shashank Kumar Sharma

M.Tech Remote Sensing, India

“Great Course having nice lectures of helpful Teacher. Really Enjoy each and every classes and practical assignments which made me advanced in Web GIS. Thank you Shahriar Sir.”

Salah Hamad

Lecturer, Libya

“Nice Course Lectures, I Like Them Very Much. Mr. Shahriar knows how to make learners understand all difficult topic in easy way with enjoying the topic…”

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